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Freelancertohire is a leading India based Freelance Market place where businesses and individuals can connect with professional service providers from India and around the Globe to get their jobs done with 100% Satisfaction.

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Welcome to We provide Global freelance opportunity auction marketplace to offer/get the freelance project. We help programmer, writer, editor, translator, and other freelancers to get new job and earn money. We help buyers to get their works done.

For freelancers and contractors, this marketplace is best for you. You can do a search and find a great number of projects. It is Free to apply for jobs and to post jobs. Additionally, display your portfolio / career profile in order to allow employers to find you.

For buyers, meet our high quality freelancers and contractors from around the world. You can do a search and find a great members with their rank and review from other buyers. is a Services Marketplace on which Employers / Buyers can post Jobs and hire freelancers to do their projects .

 Employers / Buyers post the job as a project.
Service Providers or Freelancers who wish to do the project place bids, indicating the asking price for completing the project.

At the end of the bidding, Employer/Buyer can award the project to any Service Provider who bids for the project.

Employer deposits the funds of the project cost but it remains hold on our third party payment processor Then Freelancer works on projects and delivers the completed project to the client.

When client is 100% satisfied with work done by freelancer and approves work that his specific goals are met.He informs to release payment.Then fund is released to freelancer after deducting service fee and other fee..

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Freelancertohire holds the funds you pay to the Freelancers in Safe Deposit until the work is completed & approved by you.


Freelancertohire Customer Support representatives are always there to help you out with any kind of problems.



We Guarantee 100% satisfaction before releasing Payment


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Starting From30,000.00

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Starting From30,000.00

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