About Us

“freelancertohire.com”   is an online marketplace website which gives a platform connecting freelancers and  Employers under one roof globally . Freelancers  can offer their professional  services  like data entry, seo,  website designing, content writing,  translation, marketing and advertising ,website promotion , virtual assistant etc .Freelancers  join on this platform and shows their  skills of work they can provide  to the  employer. They  provide their  work experience ,expertise, educational qualifications  and prior work samples to attract employer .

Employers post jobs on this platform with complete details of  projects work they want to do by the freelancer. They also provide project costs and milestone details. Freelancers bid on the projects and give their best offers to the employers. Then employer  choose the best freelancer bid and contact with freelancer and negotiate the deal and award him /her the project. Then employer has to deposite the funds in ” Freelancertohire” secure depostie service and fund is in safe hold by the” freelancertohire” secure pay service so that freelancer will confirm that he will be paid after the completion of the project and delivered to the employer.

freelancertohire.com” holds the funds employers  pay to freelancers in “Secure deposit service”.Then freelancer have to complete the project as per the negotiation and requirements of the employer finalised during the time of project award to the freelancer. Freelancer give the work to the employer and then employer check the work and gives remarks about the quality of work provided by the freelancer.Then after complete satisfaction he informs “freelancertohire” secure pay service by mailing at [email protected] to release the fund to the freelancer. Then freelancertohire release the fund to the freelancer after deduction of “freelancertohire” service charge as per our “fees and charges” given in the website.

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