What is Freelancertohire.com?

Freelancertohire is the internet outsourcing presence for the global outsourcing company Freelancertohire.com

Freelancertohire.com  is a Indian registered company whos only discipline is business and project outsourcing, this makes us a world leader in this area of global business.

Freelancertohire.com business details are:

Director Mr Santosh Dash

Address 128/882,Gopalpur, Jagatsinghpur,Odisha,India,754104

I want to get paid for my skills, can Freelancertohire.comhelp me?

Yes. Registering on Freelancertohire.com as a professional service provider is free, this will then enable you to bid  you when new projects are posted on Freelancertohire.com in your area of expertise.

You may then bid to work on any of these posted projects and if you win, then 80% of the  project cost  will paid to you after successful completion of the project and approved by the Employer who has posted the project.We will keep 20% as our Marketplace Commission. Service tax and other fees will be applied as per Goverment Rules.

Are you a small business looking to outsource a project?

Freelancer To Hire is a Marketplace that lets small businesses outsource any technical projects that can be completed remotely.

Our global pool of service providers are ready to bid on your projects and complete them efficiently.

This enables you to receive quality state of the art services in a timely cost effective manner and concentrate on your core competencies, thus maintaining the competitive edge or the “soul of the company.”

What countries are the members on SME Outsource from?

Members can sign up at no charge from all over the world. All can understand the English language.

How do I contact SME Outsource?

Use Contact Us page and fill the form and send to us.


How does this work?

Browse the list of projects posted by businesses for the ones you would be interested in, or have Freelancertohire.com send you an e-mail anytime a new project is posted that fits under your expertise. Then you can decide to place a bid on the project, as well as provide details of the work you can do. Update or retract your bid anytime you want. When the Employer chooses a Freelancer (winning bid) you will be notified. If you are chosen you can begin work on the project and get paid.


How much does this cost?

There is no signup fee but membership  fee is there,  you are required to pay a commission on each project you win a bid on. The commission is 20% of your project cost.

How do I communicate with Project Buyers?

You can post messages on the message boards. If you post a private message, only the user it’s addressed to will be able to see it, that user will also be notified by e-mail that you posted a message for them.


How do I place a bid on a project?

Click on the “Place Bid” button which you can find on the project page (there’s one above and another below the list of current bids).

How do I update a bid I already placed on a project?

Just submit a new bid and your old one will automatically be removed.

How do I cancel a bid I placed?

Log in to the account management area, find the project, and click on the “cancel bid” button

What if I have a question about a project (that will help me place my bid)?

Just post a message on the message board for that project. You can access project specific message boards by clicking on the link provided on the project page.

Why can't I find the "Place Bid" button on the project page?

If the project is closed it does not show up, because bidding has ended. It will also not show up if the project is frozen, which means bidding has temporarily been stopped.

What is "bid for the total project"?

This is the amount that you will charge the project creator, if you are chosen. It’s a project total, NOT an hourly rate.

What if I can't make an accurate bid? Can I just estimate how much I will charge for the project?

You should not make any estimates. The information provided should be enough to decide how long it will take you to finish the project. If there is not enough info, use the message board to ask additional questions to the project creator before placing your bid. Remember, by placing a bid you enter into a legally binding contract. If you abuse this system you risk receiving poor reviews by others, and possibly being banned from Freelancertohire.com .


When do you charge your commission and how much will it be?

As soon as you are chosen as the Freelancer for a project you have bid on it will be closed/archived and you will be charged 20% of  project cost you have successfully completed and accepted by Employer.You will get 80% of the project cost deducting service taxes and other fees as per Govt Rules.

Do I have to add money to my account?

Not right away, but eventually you will probably have to.You will be provided few bids free . Then you have to go for membership plan otherwise  You will not be able to place any new bids on projects.

How do I add money to my account?

Login to the account management area and click on the “deposit” button.

If I end up charging the project owner less than I bid on their project, can I get a partial refund on the commission World Wide Freelancer takes?



How does this work?

After signing up, you can open a project and provide all the details of the job you want. Freelancers will then be able to view your project and bid on it. This is similar to an auction, but there is no mandatory end date and you choose the winning bid yourself. Once you have chosen a Freelancer, they will begin work on your project. That’s it!

How much does this cost?


There is NO PROJECT FEE for Employers/Buyers as Freelancertohire’s policy is to provide FREE service to Buyers. Freelancertohire.com only charges Employers/Buyers for additional services like Featured Project, Post a Job and Certified Member status.

How do I communicate with Freelancers?

You can post messages on the message boards. If you post a private message, only the user it’s addressed to will be able to see it, that user will also be notified by e-mail that you posted a project for them.


How do I open a new project?

Click on the “create project” button after login .

What is a budget range?

You can optionally specify how much money you are able to spend on this project.

Why do I have to choose the amount of days until my project needs to be done?

There needs to be an end to every project, to leave room for new ones. But you can extend your project any time you want.

Can I change the information I provided about my project?

No, but you can use the message board to post new info. If the information you provided is completely wrong, you can close your project without choosing a Freelancer and without any penalty. You can then go ahead and open a new project.

How do I close my project, extend it, or pick a freelancer?

You can do all this by logging in to the account management area. Click on the “Account Login” button .

Can I re-open a closed a project?

No, you will have to open a new project.

What does it mean if my project is frozen?

This means the ending date you chose for the project has past. No Freelancers can place any new bids, you must either pick a freelancer or extend the project.